Thank you your interest in becoming a foster parent with our agency!  Grace
Manor is a non-profit child-placing agency developed out of the needs of foster
families residing in the East Texas area.  Our goal is to provide a comfortable
family oriented home in which foster children can develop into healthy and mature
adults.  The following information is intended to help you make a decision and
gain a better understanding of the foster parent application process.

Please follow the links below to download the following:
  • Application checklist
  • Training schedule
  • Grace Manor application form
  • Criminal History Statements (one for each household member 14 years of
    age or older)
  • Consent forms for a criminal background check (one for each household
    member 14 years of age or older)
  • Family Profile (1 per household)
  • Individual Profiles (for each household member 18 years of age or older)

Please return these completed items to Grace Manor.  You will be asked to
complete additional paperwork at future training sessions.

Our agency will also conduct a home study on your physical home and family.  
During the application, home study, and training process, Grace Manor will
evaluate you to determine if you are eligible for certification as a foster parent
with our agency.

The following trainings are required in order for prospective foster parents to
become certified:  Grace Manor Orientation and PRIDE Training, CPR & 1st Aid,
Psychotropic Medication Training, and Restraint Training-SAMA.

Once the family is licensed, it can often be up to three months or longer before a
child is placed in the home.  It can be a trying time waiting for your child; however,
it is important to have the right child in the right home.  In order for the placement
to be successful, we try to match the child and the foster parents so that the child
can make therapeutic progress in the home.

If you have any questions or wish to register for the upcoming classes, please
feel free to call 936-598-3611 or come by Grace Manor, located at 325 Tenaha
Street in Center, Texas.

We are looking forward to working with you and want to again thank you for your
interest in Grace Manor where we are all committed to
Improving the Lives of
Application Checklist

Trauma Training 2011

Ongoing Training All Regions

Region 4 New Parent Training Jan. 2011

Region 5 Lufkin Pride Training Jan. 2011  

Application Form

Criminal History Statement (one for all household members age 14 or older)

Criminal Background Check (one for all household members age 14 or older)

Family Profile (one per household)

Individual Profile (one for all household members age 18 or older)
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(936) 598-3611    (800) 543-7122  
Fax (936) 598-5007
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