About Grace Manor

Grace Manor offers care for Basic, Moderate, Specialized, and
Intense service level children.  Our treatment team carries out all
psychological, psychiatric, therapeutic, and case management

Grace Manor staff and families attend Personal Planning Team
meetings, Judicial Reviews, school ARDs, and any other meetings
that are in the child's interest.

Grace Manor arranges for transportation to all family visits,
therapeutic recreation, medical and dental appointments, and any
other services needed by the child.

We will be available to our foster parents to support and direct
parenting efforts, and maintain weekly contact with foster families
through home visits and telephone calls.  We will counsel and offer
intervening strategies when needed.

Grace Manor will manage community resources to fit the needs and
goals of the children and coordinate all services needed.  We
provide local training for foster parents, extensive case
management, local therapy for children, and 24 hour on-call

"Families come first with Grace Manor, and they are always
supportive and there to listen."    -Mary Sanchez, Foster Parent
325 Tenaha Street     Center, Texas  75935
(936) 598-3611    (800) 543-7122  
Fax (936) 598-5007
Grace Manor